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To serve as a lighthouse providing accounting, tax and planning services in a manner that points to Jesus Christ.

In 2002, our firm was founded in order to better serve our clients by caring for and understanding their unique situations as well as their plans, hopes and dreams. Our intention is to treat each person who walks through our door with respect and care.

Recognizing that each individual and business situation has a different background and future plan, we endeavor to come alongside each client to help guide them as they face a myriad of challenges. We focus our attention on tax, accounting and planning to be a sort of lighthouse in these arenas where our clients need direction and expertise.

While helping our clients with their tax returns is an important focus for us, we feel it is equally important to continually help our clients look forward to subsequent years with regard to tax, retirement and business planning.

"They always have time for my questions throughout the year and have always been there to help plan and guide financial matters. The company not only operates with each employee excelling in their profession, each employee shows an exceptional degree of genuine compassion and true care!"

- Steve Lane

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