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Why Use a CPA?

There are lots of reasons why our clients come to us for help with the accounting, tax and planning services. One of those reasons is the fact that we are licensed as Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in NC. Maybe you have never considered the benefits of using a professional who is actually licensed as opposed to a para-professional organization. This time of year when the radio and television are full of ads reminding you that taxes “are not rocket- science” and “anyone can file their own taxes”; it is good to be reminded of the benefits of using a licensed professional- the things that those commercials may not be telling you!

One benefit of using someone who is licensed, is that CPA’s have an oversight board insuring that we have met the education standards and on-site training requirements, as well as passing the CPA exam prior to licensing and also regulating our continuing education annually after we are licensed. In NC, a CPA is required to take 40 hours of continuing education each year in order to maintain their license, so you can trust that we are staying current on information that matters to you and your business. 

Another benefit of having a license CPA, preparing your taxes is: we will continue to be available after April 15th when many unlicensed tax preparers have closed-up shop for the year.  The IRS recently published an article listing 10 things to consider when choosing your tax preparer.  In this article they remind you that “Attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents can represent any client before the IRS in any situation. However, new rules apply to the rights of non-credentialed tax preparers to represent their clients before the IRS. Non-credentialed preparers without an Annual Filing Season Program – Record of Completion – may only prepare tax returns. The new rules do not allow them to represent clients before the IRS on any returns prepared and filed after December 31, 2015.” (IRS tax tip 2016-06). So, if you get a notice after the fact, you may not be able to find the person who prepared your return and if you can they may not be able to represent you before the IRS.

We are very grateful for everyone who offers us the opportunity to serve them and we hope that you value the services we provide.  We are additionally always grateful for those who refer their friends, family and colleagues to us. 

"As a 91 year old widow, I don’t know anybody that I’d rather have between me and the IRS!"

- Helen

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