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Meet the Overmans

For a while now, we have tried to highlight a different employee in each newsletter. Hopefully our readers have enjoyed getting to know a little more about those who serve them in our office. This issue we are featuring the Man, the Myth, the Legend – Mr. Richard E. Overman CPA! The Ricky behind the most commonly heard phrase in our office: “Ricky does my taxes.”

Richard E Overman, CPA is more commonly known as “Ricky”. He is also known as “Dad” since a lot of our clients think we are a family business and the rest of us are Ricky’s children. In many ways, he does serve as dad-type figure to each of us. He would probably prefer not to be mentioned at all in the newsletter, but since he does not write it; he does not get a vote!

Ricky has a lovely wife named Barbara who has been keeping him out of trouble for 38 years this year! They have arrived at the semi-empty nest season now that all of their children have completed high school. Their youngest, Mary Alice, has been away for a year, but will be returning this summer to attend college.

They have two boys who both reside in Michigan. Samuel, works in ministry with Life Action Ministries as worship leader. Elliott and his amazing wife, Beth, also live in Michigan, where Elliott is doing medical research. They have three pretty cute kids Eli, Emma Blair and Karis. It has been suggested that these junior cuties may be the reason that Ricky spends all his vacation time between North Carolina and Michigan, this is currently unverified information but there can only be so many reasons to drive 13 hours one way for the weekend!

Ricky tends to be the recipient of most in-office roasting since his office is the least tidy, he is the most likely to procrastinate on something and he is of course “The Boss,” so who better pick on, right? However, we are all eternally grateful for Ricky’s obedience to God in stepping out by faith to begin our Firm nearly 17 years ago. His love for each of us and our clients is evident in a million ways including the encouragement and care he so willing provides. We would truly be lost without his wisdom and leadership.

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