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Be Sure to File Your Company Annual Report on Time

All business corporations must file an annual report on or before the 15th day of the fourth month following the corporation's fiscal year end date. For companies with a fiscal year end of December 31st the due date is April 15, 2020.

If you have not already filed your fiscal year end 2019 annual report, this friendly reminder is to let you know that you can easily file online directly with the Secretary of State office here: File An Annual Report

If you are unsure of the online process, you can view a video tutorial.

Benefits of using the online filing tool include:

1. Instant filing: when you file online, your filing and updated information is immediately available.

2. Avoids delays: when you file online, you avoid the longer processing time paper filings have.

3. Avoids rejection: when you file using the online tool, it checks the information you enter and makes sure you correct any problems before you can move forward. Errors caught and corrected before you finalize your online filing means the annual report won't be rejected.

If your entity is not doing business and would like to be relieved from filing annual reports this year or in the future, then you should dissolve your corporation by filing form B-06 Articles of Dissolution by Board of Directors and Shareholders before the report is due.


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