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Choosing Life

We are daily getting updates of the number of COVID-19 related deaths. Wonder how people would respond if the number of abortions each day was reported as “Breaking News.” However, in the midst of the dying, there is also life! See how Your Choice Resource Center responded to Governor Cooper’s “shelter in place” order.

“The staff of Your Choice Resource Center met to discuss what we should do. We were concerned about the health of our clients, as well as, the health of our medical services staff. After much prayer, we believed the Lord would have us close the Center to on-sight clients. But ministry did not stop. We have counseled many abortion-seeking women over the phone; we have contacted all of our clients and been able to meet material needs through curbside service; we have even helped two women connect with Christian Adoption Services to make adoption plans for their babies!

During the quarantine, abortion clinics have not stopped performing abortions. However, an abortion clinic called the Center last week to ask when we would be resuming services! We informed her that we will resume offering free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests beginning May 11. Today, we scheduled an ultrasound appointment for a woman who was referred to us by the same abortion clinic! God is doing something, and we are excited to see it!”

- Contributed by Virginia Roberson

Photo Credit: Wix


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