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Christian Business Leadership Development and Coaching

Most of our clients are aware that our office participates in C12. What most people don’t know is why!

From the very foundation of this Firm, one of the goals has been to be able to use the resources we have been provided to build the Kingdom of God. We try to use every aspect of our Firm for ministry whenever possible. One of the biggest catalysts for this is our partnership with C12.

C12 has been established to assist with Building Great Business for a Greater Purpose. In their own words: “Each day, business leaders face challenges, opportunities, and decisions with significant downstream impact. This considerable responsibility may cause them to feel lonely at the top. The weight can be immense, but so is the reward—particularly in pursuit of honoring God by how they run their companies. Eliminating the daylight between our faith and work requires diligence. For three decades, C12’s singular focus has been to create a framework that compels and equips Christian business leaders to achieve excellence through the power of peers. C12 does not condone the status quo, because without margin, the mission stands still. We believe that what we do is greater than what we say, which we assert with our call to action Do > talk. ”

Christian Business Leadership Development and Coaching (

It is our sincere belief that God can use even a building full of number crunchers to further the gospel in real and tangible ways. How about you? If you’d like to see God use your work for His glory, join us at C12.

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