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Hope for Living

It’s interesting to watch as we begin to emerge from the doldrums that seem to have been more the norm than ever over the past year or so. Not only are we anticipating the end of the cold, and sometimes dreary days of winter, but we are also looking forward to a world post-Covid19. The thought of being outside and, even better, with other people, gives an air of optimism. It’s as if things have been dead, and maybe – just maybe – they will come back to life.

Credit: Wix Images

We wish this in the little pleasures of everyday life, but we also anticipate it for our economy as well. As restaurants and entertainment venues re-open, students go back to classrooms, and businesses can resume some normalcy in their work, we look forward to the ‘life’ that we hope will be re-born with it.

While all of this is exciting, there is no re-birth that is needed like the re-birth of purpose and stability that comes from having a life oriented towards that for which we were all made. Outings and paychecks and freedom from masks will be nice, but the joy in those things is short-lived. As soon as we get them, they are gone or lose their luster, or just prove to not be all that we remembered them to be! There must be something more – we know it down in the core of who we are.

Fortunately, Spring and life after Covid aren’t the only things just around the corner. Easter is here. It is the ultimately ‘back to life’ reality that has ever been. Think of it - only three days before that first Easter Sunday, Jesus of Nazareth had died physically on the cross. With His apparent demise, the hopes and dreams of many who heard and followed Him seemed to have died as well into a depressing, dark, dreary winter of the soul. Hope seemed lost. Isolation from and suspicion of others seemed inevitable. Life itself seemed out of reach.

But on Easter morning, all of that changed. That which seemed dead was now alive. The promised Savior had delivered new life – first seen in Him and now offered to those who believe. Rebirth is possible. In fact, in Him – it’s guaranteed!

So when you see someone struggling with the circumstances of life, whether it be Covid fatigue or financial hardship or just a dead sense of no purpose, remember these words.

‘He is Risen. He is Risen indeed.’ And His resurrection means that it is true that He ‘came that they may have life and have it abundantly!’

So go and enjoy the warm air of Spring and, as soon as it is possible, the life that comes with the company of good friends. But all the while, find true life – abundant life – in the life made available through the living and loving Jesus. He gives a sweet purpose to all other re-births.


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