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If You Received a Notice, DO NOT PANIC!

With all the governmental agencies being swamped since COVID and with so many changes to the law for 2020 and 2021, we have seen an increase in notices being received by taxpayers.

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A few things to remember if you get a notice:

  1. DO NOT PANIC! Not everything that comes from the IRS or NCDOR is accurate so take a deep breath and do not panic.

  2. Open it! Ignoring mail does not fix the problem. A lot of times the notices have a 30 day or less time period for contact to be made to address the notice.

  3. Contact us first. Before you call the number on the notice or try to respond on your own, please contact us and let us help you. Sometimes we have already had a similar notice with another client and we can save the headache of calling. If nothing else, we can at least offer advice about what to do when you do call.


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