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NC to Update Online Payments

The N.C. Department of Revenue will upgrade a number of online payment web pages on the agency website in September.

The web pages involved do not require a login and password, and primarily deal with individual income and corporate income and franchise payments. There are a number of improvements in this upgrade including:

  • The new payment web pages are compatible with most current web browsers.

  • The new payment web pages will work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

  • Taxpayers will be able to schedule estimated payments up to one year in advance.

  • The new payment web pages will have a more modern and streamlined appearance.

This upgrade is the second phase of an electronic services project that began with the introduction of a new agency website in December of 2017. The specific file and pay web pages to be replaced are:

  • D-400V Individual Income Payment

  • D-400V Amended Individual Income Payment

  • NC-40 Individual Income Estimated Tax

  • D-410 Individual Income Application for Extension

  • CD-V Franchise Tax and Corporate Income Tax Payment

  • CD-V Amended Franchise Tax and Corporate Income Tax Payment Vouchers

  • CD-429 Corporate Estimated Income Tax

  • CD-419 Application for Extension for Franchise and Corporate Income Tax

Watch a short video that features the new and improved web pages.

See screenshots of the new payment web pages.

The agency will announce the specific go-live date for the upgrade later this month.

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