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So Much More than Trees and Toys

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Suess is a book that we could probably all quote from start to finish. While this classic tale has been remade and adapted into several different books, movies, and musicals; the heart of the story remains the same. The Grinch thought he could put an end to Christmas by taking away all the external reminders of the holiday. He and his sidekick, Max, learn that Christmas is so much more than trees and toys. It is, in fact, more about the Who’s than the what’s, where’s, or when’s.

Like Mr. Grinch, the Holidays can be very hard for many. While the Christmas season is a wonderful time to enjoy the presence of lots of different people: from office parties, to church events, to neighborhood gatherings; it can also be lonely and overwhelming. This year, may we be intentional about reaching out to people who need a little extra joy and comfort. May our eyes be focused on those around us and not our to-do lists.

Like the delightful little residents of Whoville, may your hearts be open to who is gathered in your home and around your table. May we be reminded that “Christmas, in fact, does not come from a store. Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

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