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Work that Lasts

Rick Yancey once said, "God does not call the equipped; He equips the called." There is a lot to love about that idea. When you apply for a job with God there is no job description or required skill set. All He requires is for you to show-up with a heart ready to serve Him in whatever way He requires.

The story of Nehemiah has been popping-up everywhere I turn lately and so I’ve spent some time reading the portion of the Bible. There is a lot to take away from Nehemiah’s story---leadership, rebuilding the broken, teamwork, and standing in the face of opposition. For me, the thing has stood out to me the most is how long the work of these men has lasted.

I read an article talking about how parts of Nehemiah’s wall have been discovered by archaeologist and not only is it in-tact, but it is in excellent shape considering its age and the climate in which it has been preserved. It would be easy to look at this and say, “Man, they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore.” However, the real truth is we hopefully know more about building now then a bunch of guys 3000 years ago. We also would probably put more than 52 days into construction and I feel for certain, we would have different guys defending the wall while the builders built it.

The quality of the wall was not of the builders; it was of God. God didn’t call people who were skilled in building walls that would last for centuries. He called guys who were available. It was His faithful defense of His own honor that enabled a wall to be built that would later confirm the accuracy of Scripture.

Since God is unchanging, this same principle applies now. If we want to participate in things that are lasting and meaningful, we must do the work that He calls us to do. If we obediently join in His work, it will not be easy, but we will succeed.

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